Toilet Bombs (12 Pack)

Toilet Bombs (12 Pack)

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With more and more of us aware of the products we use on our skin, it’s time to start being aware of the products we use in our home as well.

These Toilet Bombs are a great way to freshen your bathroom in between cleanings, they are also great for cleaning drains in sinks and baths!

Combining Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate and Essential Oils, these bombs wont only soften limescale, they will also leave your toilet bowl smelling fresh and clean.

We use one every 3-4 days but if your water is soft then weekly or longer will be fine. They are also great to pop in the loo to just freshen it up either before or after visitors!

Just pop one bomb in your pre-flushed toilet and leave it to work its magic. These are not the same recipe as a bath bomb therefore they will not fizz up as you might expect. Due to the ratio of ingredients used these will sink and gently fizz, working slower and for longer. You can use your toilet brush to give it a scrub and remove the limescale which should be softened.

You’ll receive 12 Toilet Bombs

Do not use other non-natural cleaners or products at the same time.

We recommend you store them in an air tight container to keep them dry. Once damp they will start to react.
If this does happen they will still work. Just place them somewhere dry and warm to stop the reaction.
If they fall apart the powder will still work. Just spoon or pour the powder in the loo and use the same as you would a solid bomb.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use as a bath bomb.
Also suitable to use in plug holes, drains and to clean other areas of your home.

These Toilet Bombs are not intended for use as a bath bomb. The added citric acid, borax, and excess amounts of essential oils can cause skin irritation.