Carpet Freshener

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Freshen up your home with our fabulous carpet freshener 500g bags 

How To Use Scented Carpet Freshner?

Scented Home Products and scented carpet powders are now on the rise – they’re a wonderful addition to your cleaning products as not only do they make your home smell amazing, they help to refresh and revitalise your carpets and rugs.

At Genius Wax, we love bringing you great products that you can use around your home and our lovely carpet fresheners can be used in a variety of ways!

Take a look at our tips below.

Uses – Scented Carpet Freshener Powder

On Carpets & Rugs

This is the main way to use your lovely scented carpet freshener – sprinkle onto your rugs and carpets, leaving it for a minimum of 15 minutes before hoovering.

Some of our customers also leave the powder overnight – letting the powder really refresh and fragrance your carpet.

Hoover and admire the beautiful aroma!


Try adding a little amount of powder to ashtrays – it will help to tone down the bad odours.

Mop Bucket

Along with your cleaning products – sprinkle a small amount of powder to your mop bucket as this will provide a boost of fragrance making your home smell wonderful.

See, there’s plenty of ways to use this around your home and the best part?

Everything has been made using high-quality ingredients making these pet-friendly, child-friendly, vegan-friendly and paraben free!

Take a look at our range of Carpet Freshener 🎀